Kidwell Family

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanks to everyone that made it to the Kidwell Reunion 2009.

It was said to be
"the best reunion ever"
(hope it was for you also)

Also send family updates and news when you have something that you would like to share with the rest of the family.

Kidwell Reunion 2010 will be on the Memorial Day Weekend
May 29-30th.

The meal will be ready about 1:00 Saturday, if you are running a little late, don't worry.
Just come on, there will be plenty of food.
The main meal is taken care of, (burgers, chips etc), if you would like to bring a special desert or snack, feel free.
Water, tea, lemonade and coffee will be furnished.
If you would like soft drinks or something different, you are welcome to bring your own.

Lets try and make it a 2 day gathering this year, The guys will prepare the meal on the grill
this year (burgers, hot dogs etc.).

The reunion will be held at Clark Gardens again.
May is the prettiest time of the year for the gardens, bring your walking shoes, and cameras.

Mark your calendar and make your reservations!

More to come...

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